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Common Questions

How long is the owner’s season?

The owner’s season runs from March 1st to January 31st plus weekends in February.

What is a static caravan?

A static caravan is a specially designed mobile park home or timber lodge built so that it is as comfortable and warm in winter as it is in summer.

How long can I keep my caravan on site at Turnberry Holiday Park?

Forever – or as long as you want, providing the annual fees are paid. Once you buy a holiday home at Turnberry Holiday Park it is yours to do what you want with it. There are no minimum lease terms.

How do I pay for gas, electricity and water?

Water and rates are included in the annual site fee. Electric is chargeable and will be billed. Gas has to be bought separately – we supply LPG (liquid petroleum gas) from our own depot on a pay as you go basis.

Are there any hidden costs after I have been quoted a price?

No. The price quoted includes delivery, siting on the pitch of your choice, all connections, TV aerial and steps, a full internal and external clean and the presentation of gas and electrical safety certification.

Is there good mobile phone reception at Turnberry Holiday Park?

Yes, there is good mobile reception within the caravan park

Can I get Broadband?

Yes you can. If you have a wireless enabled computer you will be able to use our newly installed wi-fi system from your caravan for free. Broadband wi-fi internet access is provided for free to all our residents and guests from within your caravan and the bar.

Are pets allowed on the Park?

Pets are welcome but must be kept within the confines of your own caravan. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at all times and no fouling on site.

Can I park my car?

Each holiday home has a driveway with parking for one car. There are additional visitor parking areas for guests.

What if I need maintenance work carried out on my holiday home?

We have a team of experienced maintenance staff and access to qualified contractors who can carry out most tasks who may be contacted through our reception. You may also carry out any general maintenance yourself.

Can I leave my holiday home to my children in my will?

Of course you can as long as the annual fees are paid, your holiday home is like any other possession. If your home is being used as a business on a ‘buy-to-let’ basis it will be subject to business inheritance tax relief.

Can my family use the facilities at Turnberry Holiday Park?

Both your immediate family and yourselves are entitled to use the caravan park facilities and play areas however you must book the use of the swimming pool at reception.

Can we let our holiday home to a third party?

Yes. You may allow the use of your holiday home to family and friends, and you can let out your static caravan to a third party. We will also manage your caravan for holiday rentals if you so desire.

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