Know the steps to becoming an owner at Turnberry

Holiday home ownership in Scotland

Our friendly and experienced team here at Turnberry Holiday Park have helped many holiday home owners realised their dream of having their own private holiday home in Scotland.

If you’re considering joining us, then take a look at our handy five-step guide designed to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Whether you are interested in caravan holiday homes for sale here with us in Ayrshire, or potentially elsewhere in Scotland, this list of questions will help you consider every detail of your new lifestyle choice.

Once you’ve bought your holiday home, you’ll be wanting to make the most out of your leisure time, so choosing the right destination is essential.

Don’t forget – you can arrange a VIP tour to view our full selection of static caravans for sale here in Ayrshire. Call us on 01655 331 288 to arrange your visit.

Step 1: Is Turnberry Holiday Park in Ayrshire the right place for you and your family?

Things to consider:

• Is the journey ok?
• Does it have the right facilities for everybody in the family?
• What events are there for owners
• What does the local area have to offer?
• How long is the park open?

Step 2: Identify your running costs

Things to consider:

• What are all the costs involved?
• Can we sublet to cover these costs?
• Do you guarantee the sublet income?
• When are the different costs due?
• Can I claim tax benefits?

Step 3: Find a caravan for sale in Ayrshire in your budget that suits you

Things to consider:

• What do caravans cost?
• What caravans are available?
• What is included?
• Is there finance help available?
• How long can I keep my caravan on park for?
• How many do they sleep?

Step 4: Find a location to suit the caravan you have chosen

Things to consider:

• How do we know what plots are available?
• What do different parts of the park have to offer?
• Do certain plots have different site fees?
• How long will take to site my caravan?

Step 5: Becoming an owner

Things to consider:

• How long will the sale take to complete?
• When will we get the keys?
• Who will be our key contact once we are owners?