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Get out there and experience the great outdoors!

Outdoor activities

Ayrshire is a great spot for a variety of activity breaks, with fabulous walks and bike trails, wonderful fishing opportunities, and many great quality activity providers in the area.

Scotland’s west coast is dramatic and beautiful, making it popular for climbing, mountaineering, road cycling, mountain biking and even horseriding.


Dip your toes into the Firth of Clyde and there is sea fishing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking readily available.Local boat owners in nearby Girvan also offer trips around the granite island of Ailsa Craig, a volcanic rock that is now home to 40,000 gannets.


The rocky cliffs provide plenty of opportunities for birdwatching, with Ballantrae Beach particularly rich with nesting grounds for a wide variety of birds from the nearby cliffs, and terns breeding on the shingle beach.

Local beaches

The closest beach is just a 300 metre stroll from the park, and there are many more coastal coves and stretches of sand to find nearby.

Golf holidays

The world-famous Turnberry Golf Club is a draw to the keenest golfers, but there are plenty of other great courses nearby that are well worth a go