Weatherproof Holidays at Turnberry Holiday Park
There's no such thing as bad weather at Turnberry

Weatherproof Holidays at Turnberry Holiday Park

There’s no such thing as bad weather, merely a British summer! Who needs blazing hot sunshine when we’ve got so many weatherproof activities to enjoy at and around Turnberry Holiday Park.

What’s on at Turnberry Park

We’ll be hosting weatherproof activities for children every day of the week, with activities including party dances, crazy golf, arts and crafts, wii, crab football, killer pool and much more fun and games.

In your caravan

Edit some of those photos you’ve taken on your phone. We all take 100s of photos when we’re on holiday, so this is your chance to delete the ones you don’t want and soup up your favourites. Download an app such as Snapseed, which is free and let’s you do amazing things with your images.

Banish boredom with board games. And if you’ve tired of the games you brought with you, why not put your heads together and design your own? You don’t even need to finish it – coming up with the story, characters and rules can keep you entertained for ages.

Create your own cartoon character. If your kids are in love with Ladybug or think Peppa Pig is perfect, challenge them to create their own cartoon hero, and a story for them to take part in.

Teach your tots a new skill. From tying a lace to tying a knot, knitting to knowing how to cook, there are loads of simple skills you can pass down with a little spare time.

Local attractions

Ayr is home to Burns National Heritage Park which tells the story of Scotland’s most famous bard. A fascinating museum, his early cottage home, and places from his poems, such as Brig a’ Doon medieval bridge, help bring Robbie Burns’ legend to life.

A few minutes along the coast is Culzean Castle, one of Scotland’s best loved and most impressively maintained castles. The walled gardens, deer park, swan pond, adventure playground and ranger walks to entertain all ages.

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